For us it was not really "I leave" when we decided to look for a nice place in Brittany where we could make a cozy gite.

We had a busy life in the Netherlands until 2004.
Then we changed course and in the Haute-Garonne, in the south of France, we gained years of experience under the name "Gites de Barès" - we rented three gîtes there.
We had a wonderful time and many of our tenants came back to us once or several times and a few even became our friends.

The reason for our move from the south of France to Brittany is twofold: in the summer months it was extremely hot and three gîtes clean and cozy is a lot of work if you want to do it right. Because we want to do well, we have made one beautiful, cozy cottage at St-Thélo.

Another third reason for our move: after having lived in a very quiet environment for eleven years, we longed for a bit more 'life in the brewery'. We found that in the center of Brittany; there are very nice villages and towns here and it is only 33km. to the beautiful Breton coast.

It is a new challenge for us to create a cozy property at this new site of the gite, the house and the garden, where our guests will feel at home quickly.
Wil Berger and Nicolas de Bruijn